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You are here with me at Team Galliard Gifts from Galliard Games®. You talk directly to me and my team makes sure you get the Best Deal possible for whatever quantity you require in the shortest industry leading delivery time… ofcourse without any middle-man involved. Just you and me. I know, right? Cool!

Long story short, my team of artists and artisans are at your disposal to customise most of our Galliard Games® products to suit your Corporate Gifting needs. We use our own machinery and material to design and manufacture our products so we don’t take a lot of time to deliver. Give me a chance, you’d love the whole experience.

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Total amount for the sample you ordered will be reimbursed back to you incase you decide to place the final order with us later.

Perpetual Desk Calendars

Here as you can see we seamlessly incorporated the famous Merc logo on our Galliard Games® Desk Calendar. Elegant!

This is a very sturdy and pleasant design we came up with after multiple iterations and the end result in in-front of you. We loved it, so did everyone who received it as a present from their employer.

Custom Logo Clocks

Okay, this was a small project but rather close to our heart, as most of our designers and engineers love movies more than anything. This is Film & Television Institute of India logo cut as a clock as a souvenir.

Custom Logo clocks are quite exciting actually. Crafting one is more difficult than it looks, you have to leave enough space for the clock machine to hide behind the lines and the centre of gravity needs to be in right place or it wont hang right. But we love the challenge!

Promotional Coasters

There you go! No introductions needed. This was for an aspiring bunch of brilliant students who will one day will make India further proud.

On a smaller budget, creating your own brand coasters are a wonderful choice. They’ll last long and 8 out of 10 recipients will actually interact with them on daily basis. Think about it, they wont forget you, ever!

Cognitive Puzzles

Designing Puzzles and Board games is our forte. This is nothing, you come talk to us and we can design quirkiest and the most puzzling puzzles for you, as well the most exciting board games.

Contrary to popular belief, puzzles and board games are for all ages. This is the best gift you can give someone, the most fun and something they’ll keep with them for a long time alongwith the wishes.

Perpetual Circular Wall Calendars

As far as wall decors go, a perpetual calendar is back with full force for the people with an eye for ultra modern yet grounded home design.

Idea is we’ve got three rings of separate diameter hung between the carefully placed rollers between the front plate and the back. You rotate the rings to reflect the day of the month and the date. 

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